Messy Chocolates

Hand-made Truffles, Confections, Candies and Other Sweets


Chocolate, like life, is messy. But as long as you keep it pure and true to its original identity, it expands and enhances the experience. That is why Messy Chocolates never adds artificial flavors or unhealthy additives to our truffles and candies. Messy Chocolates also uses local sources for ingredients whenever possible to provide the highest level of freshness, as well as to support our local businesses here in Austin.

Many people ask where the name Messy Chocolates came from - after one look at our truffles, you quickly understand why. We do not place our truffles in molds or use mass production equipment to get a perfect appearance. In fact, most people prefer to nibble on the chocolate "trains", or drippings, that result from our handmade process. Savor the simplicity of the crisp outer coating before delving into the sensations of the inner ganache core. The messy appearance provides a unique experience with each artisan truffle. But don't let appearances fool you - each truffle is handcrafted for quality in every bite.

Messy Chocolates will be sold in local Austin cafes, wineries, bars and small businesses very soon. Special orders can be placed for parties and events as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.

Messy ChocolatesEnjoy,

Eric Oyler
Chocolatier & Owner
Messy Chocolates